Loft Ladders

Loft ladders come in many different types and sizes. There is no best version. The ladder that’s best for you will depend mostly on the space you have available. We need to consider:
The space on the floor or landing. Will there be room to extend the ladder, will it block the landing, which direction is it better to come down. Which way is best for the hatch to hinge.
The size of the loft opening. All loft ladders have differing minimum sizes for the hatchway.
Obstructions in the loft, the space available for the ladder, is there room for it to operate. Which part of the loft do  you want to use.
Only after accessing these we can advise which ladders will be suitable.
We are not tied to any particular manufacturer. So whilst we will recommend, if there is a particular type or make you want, provided it’s suitable, we can fit it for you.
We generally fit Abru loft ladders by Werner. They are made in Britain. Fully tested to comply with the EN standards. Beware many ladders for sale on the internet are not. Abru are reasonably priced and they can supply spare parts which are often not available with imported makes.

Guide Price Illustration

There are many ladder types and we can’t give you a firm quotation without an assessment vist. But these three ladders are suitable for most installations. The price indicated assumes no extras and is the one paid by 95% of our customers.

Economy Two Section Ladder

The cheapest option
  • Economy ladder
  • New hinged hatch cover
  • Fitting

Easy Stow Three Section

Tall ceilings and easy-stow
  • Heavy duty three section ladder. Guide arm for easy stowing. Handrail
  • New hinged hatch cover
  • Fitting

Ladder Types

Just a few of the many different types