A Safety Warning

Loft Ladder Servicing

Most accidents happen in the home. With the loft access often located on the upstairs landing near the top of the stairs, it’s not the place to take chances. A correctly fitted loft ladder will make using your loft very safe, but we do see a frightening number of loft ladders that have been incorrectly, or badly fitted.

Sometimes parts have been left off altogether, sometimes it’s been wrongly assembled and quite commonly it’s been attached to a part of the loft that isn’t structural.

Parts canĀ  break. Some ladders, not the one we fit, have plastic locking catches that become brittle with age. If parts are broken the ladder is not safe to use.

If you have a loft ladder that feels at all insecure or is broken, even though we didn’t fit it, please give us a call. We can inspect your ladder, check things are ok and service or replace if it’s not.

Over the years we’ve heard quite a few horror stories of accidents or near accidents concerning lofts. We would hate you to suffer like this poor gentleman and his family.

A workman died after an incorrectly-fitted ladder collapsed as he climbed down from a Winchester loft, an inquest heard.

David Wood fell, hitting the back of his head on stone-tiled flooring at the bungalow in Rowlings Road, Weeke.

Emergency services found him unconscious on the floor, alongside the ladder on the afternoon of March 19 2013.