Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about lofts and loft ladders are normal. Here’s a selection of the commonest ones we receive. If you can’t find the answer you need here, don’t hesitate to contact us we’re happy to chat.

Why do you need an assessment visit first

Firstly to advise which ladders will and will not  fit because your house and loft will be unique. Secondly to measure your loft opening so we can manufacture your new cover in our workshops.

You did my neighbour, do you still need to assess me

Yes we do. A row of seemingly identical houses can have different sized loft openings and different obstructions, pipe-work for example, in the loft.

How long does an assessment visit take

About 10 minutes for us to measure plus however long it takes to answer your questions.

Do you charge for the assessment

No the assessment and advice is free

After the assessment how long before you fit the ladder

Usually it’s measure one week and fit the next, that’s soonest. But  if you want it later that’s fine too.

How much does a ladder cost

It depends on which ladder you have. But as a guide our most popular ladder – the two section aluminium heavy duty – has an installed price of £150. This includes the ladder, the new hatch cover, and installation.

Can you make an opening bigger

Possibly. If the structure of the loft allows it yes. With older traditionally built joists and rafters it’s usually possible. With more modern pre-trussed type construction cutting of a truss is not permitted. Which means we can extend the opening one way, but not the other.

Can you create a new loft access elsewhere


We’ve already bought a ladder can you fit it for us

If it’s suitable for your loft and complete, yes

Is it guaranteed

Yes all our work is guaranteed for a full twelve months

Do you offer aftercare

Yes, we’re still servicing ladders we fitted fifteen years ago

Do you do loft flooring

Now  small areas only, the knees protest otherwise

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be very happy to give you a call and chat.

You can call me Andrew George on 01420 474567 – probably an answer phone so please leave a message.

Or message me and I’ll call you back.